Who Do You Trust?

I live in Lake Oswego, OR. It is a Southwest burb of Portland with a population of just over 37,000 people, and I was surprised to see it make the national news on Friday night.

“First communal case of Coronavirus” and from an employee of Forest Hills Elementary school.

The concern is most related to how did this person contract the virus, if they have not been to Italy or China, where most of the cases and deaths have been reported? The immediate plan of action is to close down the school to be thoroughly cleaned until Wednesday this week, while monitoring the patient at the Kaiser Westside Hospital, and tracing all places and people who have crossed his path over the past few weeks.”

You’ve been hearing the reports, right? It seems like every time you flip on the TV, it’s the “lead story.”

If I only listened to the news, I would become more and more frightened about just leaving my house “because there aren’t enough kits to test if the pandemic continues to grow out of control, and the CDC is the agency that is overseeing the spread.”

Curious, I searched to learn more about this, and I read that “pandemics” like this been in the news before: SARS, MERSA, EBOLA, just to name a few of the types we have lived through in the most recent past.

I ask myself, “Can I trust these sources?”

One of the most obvious things is that we are in an election year, and the political views about this virus seems to be clouding much of the commentary. More conspiracy theories, and even tying it to the stock market fluctuations, with more and more people becoming more and more fearful. And it will be years before there is a vaccine? What does that really mean in terms of the state of our public health?

Again, I ask myself, “What can I do today? How can I help?” 

Immediately, I know the answer. I need to trust my own seeds of change more than any of the sources “out there.” And part of trusting my seeds of change is not letting the fear give me amnesia. I’ve known, for a long time, that our bodies know exactly how to heal themselves, and will, when they are given the nurturing environments and resources.

So, today, I’m going to continue in my work as a wellness advocate and further the education and empowerment of people to get in their own driver’s seat of their own well-being.

Taking responsibility for one’s health is a powerful way to “be the change you want to see in the world.”

With the concern of this new virus strain, we definitely need to be disciplined with good hygiene, but let’s focus on the more PROACTIVE things we can do to strengthen our bodies and minds and keep our immune systems strong — not just because there is a new virus on the scene, but because we need these bodies to do what we are here to do!

 Let’s replace the fear with the truth that our minds are POWERFUL. In fact, I just saw a video about a man named Wim Hof who was injected with a virus and used the power of his mind to destroy it. He and the others he taught to focus their mind on their ability to heal never got a symptom!

 Plus, let’s remember to nourish ourselves with healthy food, and strengthen our immune system daily, by eliminating junk food and artificial ingredients.

 If we develop a proactive stance and practice this awareness within our family, we can strengthen our bodies AND our resolve to live without FEAR.

Our children need to be taught about the power of their bodies to fight viruses and heal, and the habits of proactive health, in order to stay healthy across their lifetime.

I hope that you’ll join me and refuse to be manipulated by the media’s scare tactics, and instead vow to be more conscious about your own focused attention, self-care, hygiene, and practices… and do your best to pay it forward.

My wellness community is growing with people who choose to be proactive. You need not be alone, and you will be welcomed, to be the change YOU want to see in the world.

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