Village Home

Founded in 2002, Village Home offers engaging classes without grading and testing, designed for and by homeschoolers. Learners choose from a catalog of over 150 mixed-age classes in all subjects. 

Journeys Map

Journeys Map is an interactive learning map designed to engage users in exploring life’s possibilities and providing personalized directions while navigating life’s major educational and professional transitions.

Community Consensus Institute

Jeff Goebel and his team work on conflict resolution through consensus building, serving organizations, groups, and families confronting complex issues, involving multiple agendas, and seeking lasting, win/win solutions.

Transformative Learning Foundation

The Transformative Learning Foundation is a leading facilitator for wisdom in education, awakening potential for the evolution of our consciousness.

Next Ready

NextREADY provides evidence-based certifications of performance mastery on skill sets required for success in the New Economy as entrepreneurs, interns, apprentices, employees, and entry-level positions. NextREADY measures these key competencies in “real world” contexts.