Virtual Podlucks

Join us for a discussion on co-generating potent Self Care possibilities for 2023 in our monthly Podluck on February 4th 9:00 am PST

Remember Potlucks?

Everyone brings their favorite dish to share,
and enjoys the food and company of all present.

Well, we put a little spin on those.

We bring our favorite food and drink to an online meet-up,
and then we enjoy the most delicious connections and conversations.

living the potential podlucks people

Youth, join us to...

share your concerns and ideas, and begin to connect with resources and mentors who can help you take the next steps toward your dreams.

Parents and Grandparents, join us to...

connect with others who are parenting/caregiving intentionally to prepare their children for the real world, and learn new ways to improve relationships with your own children.

Educators, join us to...

affirm your intentions and co-generate ideas to make learning environments even more fun and effective.

Entrepreneurs and Change-Makers, join us to...

find resources and like-minded, like-hearted collaborators to help you complete your mission on the planet.

Business Executives, join us to…

connect with the innovative energy of youth and individuals who are looking for meaningful work and opportunities to contribute their talents to changing the world.

We meet the first Saturday of every month!
The next one is February 4th, 2023
9am PST / 12pm EST