The Book

Our world is in trouble.

Children are frustrated with a machine-like educational system that values test scores over learning. Parents feel powerless, watching their children’s curiosity being crushed. Teachers are exhausted and heartbroken they cannot facilitate the outcomes that inspired their career. Businesses are baffled by the lack of skill the next generation is exhibiting in the workplace. Technology is on the verge of being labeled the next addiction of the masses, rather than one of the most phenomenal tools we have to advance our society and our species. The political, social, and economic landscapes are turbulent to say the least.

It’s time for a paradigm change:

What if our youth have the answers?

In Living The Potential, former teacher turned Sales Director, VP of Sales and Marketing, Product and Regional Manager, Consultant, Coach, Mentor, and CEO, Renee Beth Poindexter shares a nature-driven paradigm for saving our world. This organic approach emerged from her journeys through multiple domains (education, construction, technology, advertising, financial services, healthcare, and more), a personal healing crisis, and a mind-blowing experience with a group of disenfranchised middle-school students in British Columbia.

Whether you are a parent, educator, or business owner, this book will inspire and empower you to:

  • Trust the Seeds of Change that Our Children Bring

  • Cultivate Learning Environments that Inspire Creativity and Collaboration

  • Cross-pollinate Domains to Solve Problems and Prepare Youth for the Real World

  • Create Sustainability with Regenerative Resources for Long-term Change

  • Reach Upward and Beyond with the Soul of Technology 

If you are weary of talking about the problems we face, and want to become part of the solution, this book is for you.

Our world needs them. And they need you.

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