Mentoring and Networking Youth

We give youth access to a community of mentors, the tools and resources they need to unleash their fullest potential, a place for their voice and wisdom to be heard, and opportunities to lead systemic change in the 21st Century.

A Community of Mentors

We will help you...

Learn from people of all ages and diverse backgrounds. 

Connect with specific mentors who can help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Work alongside mentors who are already working on a solution
to the problem that concerns you the most.

Tools and Resources to Unleash Your Potential

We will help you...

Utilize our library of inventories to discover your inner wiring, core competencies, and strengths.  

Discover ways to maximize your unique gifts, talents, and skills. 

Acquire the knowledge and skills you need to lead and collaborate with people who experience and navigate the world differently than you do.

Share Your Voice and Wisdom

We will help you...

Learn, play, and work in a community that values your voice as much as that of the elders. 

Experience the power of being seen and heard for all the wisdom you already contain. 

Contribute your concerns, insights, and energy to projects that address real-world problems.

Lead Systemic Change in the 21st Century

We will help you...

Clarify your first contribution and own your unique leadership style. 

Resource the network for mentors and contributors from multiple domains. 

Work together in a nurturing environment to change the world now.

Youth Membership Benefits

Our annual membership will give you access to:

Curated-for-You Mentors, Internships, and Job Openings

Life Design Strategies  

Informational Interviewing Strategies  

The Power of Intergenerational Learning in Our Change-Maker Courses 

Meaningful Projects to Add to Your Emerging Portfolio and Resume

Credible References for Your Resume

Inventories to Discover Your Inner Wiring, Core Competencies, and Strengths

Youth Masterminds Led by the Youth Advisory Council

Trust-Based Networking

Affiliate Opportunities: Invite Your Friends and Add to Your Income