Garden Experiments

Garden Experiments: Solution-Designing Workshops

You will witness our Organic Learning Model come to life around a real-world problem that matters to our youth or the stakeholders of your organization!

When we host these workshops, we invite the youth to set the tone and direction for our time together by sharing their concerns and aspirations for the future of our world.

When we customize these workshops for organizations, we invite stakeholders and team members to set the course with their concerns. We also bring some youth with us.

We choose one or two of those concerns or aspirations and begin to apply our Organic Learning Model to it by:

  • Identifying and agreeing to trust all of the seeds of potential in the room to solve that problem, including the natural wisdom and talents as well as the hard-earned experience and expertise (The answers are always in the room!)


  • Cultivating a fertile environment, where curiosity and creativity lead the way (We don’t walk in with answers; we create a space in which they more easily and quickly emerge!)


  • Connecting/Cross-pollinating individuals of all ages from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and domains of expertise for collaboration toward a solution (Diversity inspires more holistic and sustainable solutions!)


  • Brainstorming and developing the systems that would be required to launch the emerging solution and keep all of the individual leaders and relationships moving forward and thriving (We want to make sure that this solution is built for long-term success!)


  • Discussing what technology would support the solution and deepen, sustain, and grow the relationships along the way (When we focus on the users more than the software, relationships deepen and the work accelerates.)

When we are online,
we split this workshop into
two half-day sessions.

When we are in person,
we spend a whole day together.

You can join us for one of our Garden Experiment workshops, or you can invite us to customize one for your organization!

If you’re a change-maker in your community who…

understands that you need all of the stakeholders to buy in to your vision

feels frustrated by their lack of innovation, solution-driven thinking

wants to show them what’s possible when we work together

…then consider bringing one of these workshops to your community!

Praise for The Garden Experiment

“I attended the event not really knowing what was in store, and found such a richness of collective thought and input laid so perfectly on a functional and creative plan to bring hope and creative caring to life. I feel certain that a new door has opened to move this world in a better direction.”

Linda Halle

“I attended the Garden Experiment because of a shared vision. I believe It is time to unleash the potential of youth and reintegrate them into society. We need their curiosity, creativity, and idealism. They need support in pursuing their interests and acquiring skills and direct experience. It was heartwarming to connect with the wonderful people in Living The Potential Network who are working to make this happen.”

Ernest Cooley

Garden Experiment Interest