Change the World with More Support, Resources, and FUN

We know that’s why you’re here:

You want to leave this planet better than you found it.


And no matter your age or your story,

You know you can’t — and don’t want to — do it alone.


We give our members access to an intergenerational community of mentors, the tools and resources they need to unleash their fullest potential, a place for their voice and wisdom to be heard, and opportunities to lead systemic change in the 21st Century.


A Community of Mentors

We will help you...

Learn from people of all ages and diverse backgrounds. 

Connect with specific mentors who can help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Work alongside mentors who are already working on a solution
to the problem that concerns you the most.

Tools and Resources to Unleash Your Potential

We will help you...

Utilize our library of inventories to discover your inner wiring, core competencies, and strengths.  

Discover ways to maximize your unique gifts, talents, and skills. 

Acquire the knowledge and skills you need to lead and collaborate with people who experience and navigate the world differently than you do.

Share Your Voice and Wisdom

We will help you...

Learn, play, and work in a community that values your voice as much as that of the elders. 

Experience the power of being seen and heard for all the wisdom you already contain. 

Contribute your concerns, insights, and energy to projects that address real-world problems.

Lead Systemic Change in the 21st Century

We will help you...

Clarify your first contribution and own your unique leadership style. 

Resource the network for mentors and contributors from multiple domains. 

Work together in a nurturing environment to change the world now.

Membership Includes

Private Transformational Community

Access to Our Intergenerational Learning Community Forum
Value: $40/month

Free Community Events

Monthly Podlucks and Fun Community Events

Quarterly Garden Experiments

Value: $49/quarter or $16/month

Member Spotlights

Showcase Your Change-making Idea/Project
Value: $25/month


25% Off Workshops and Change-Maker Courses
Value: $35/month

Coming Soon

Weekly Garden Hours

Topic-based Chats and Q&A’s that Inspire and Inform
Value: $80/month

Experts and Community Think Tank

Brainstorm and Troubleshoot Your Great Idea
Value: $100/quarter or $33/month

Mentor Presentation Series

Learn from Mentors of All Ages
Value: $100/quarter or $33/month


Introductions to Expand Your Network
Value: $50/month (priceless)

Monthly Mini-Workshops

Value: $49

A $361 value for $24/month (Adults) or $12/month (Youth)

Scholarships and Family Plans are also available.

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Adult Plan

  • An “adult” is 25+ years of age.

$240/yr (17% off)

Youth Plan

  • A “youth” is 13-24 years of age.
$120/yr (17% off)

Family Plan

  • Up to two adults and four youth in the same household.
$490/yr (17% off)


  • Need financial support? Apply for a scholarship!