Conscious Business Consulting

Are you looking for ways to innovate your business and keep up with the ever-increasing pace of change?

Are you wishing it were easier to improve your company's culture, and find and retain better talent?

Are you looking for a way to make a bigger contribution to the future of our planet?

A New Pathway to Productivity and Profit

Years ago, I helped a team of 12- and 13-year-olds launch a software business. They had been getting enough press for their outstanding innovative work in their self-designed learning environment, that a utility company approached them to design and create a video game that would teach children how to manage the energy in their homes. At the ripe ages of 10 and 11, these kids had negotiated a $75K contract with the utility company, produced an outstanding product, exceeded the utility company’s expectations, and decided to sell the software they created to other utility companies.

Pretty amazing, right?

That’s what we call a Win-Win-Win-Win!

Imagine being the leader of that utility company! 

What a change-making hero!

Living The Potential Network is about creating these win-win-win-wins for businesses like yours!

We engage executives and leaders of conscious businesses that are looking for ways to set their company apart from the rest, develop dynamic teams that collaborate and co-create new pathways to productivity and profit, and make a bigger difference in one or more sectors that matter to them.

More benefits to working with youth:

  • They are your future customers. Understanding their values and preferences is key to your company’s future relevance and profitability.

  • They are your future employees. Giving them opportunities to develop the skills and tools for critical thinking, complex problem-solving, collaboration, negotiation, and decision-making is key to your company’s future productivity and talent development and retention.

  • They are our future leaders who are already concerned about their future. Providing meaningful projects that allow them to develop their talents and contribute to a more positive future inspires them to conscious leadership, which is exactly what our planet needs more of right now.

Living The Potential Network helps businesses achieve all of these benefits by:

Connecting Business with Education

We match conscious businesses with conscious, fertile learning environments...

...and help design projects, internships and apprenticeships, and other possibilities that create those win-win-win-wins. When it makes sense for the objectives, we leverage our network to connect you with other domain experts that may be needed for execution. For example, the utility company hired the children, but the children had to hire a software game-maker expert.

Facilitating Intergenerational Conversations

We help the seasoned professionals recognize and expand on...

...the fresh, innovative perspective of the youth; and we help the youth understand and leverage the experience of those who have been around the business game for some time.

Accelerating Productivity, Profit, and Sustainability

...with the Core Value Index (CVI).

The CVI is an incredible tool that we use to help employers hire employees whose personality and strengths match the company and the role they are in, as well as develop powerful teams that collaborate quickly and effectively to generate and deliver solutions. Businesses save time and money in so many ways—increased motivation and productivity, decreased attrition and turnover, and more.

Companies that engage the youth create the future.
Companies that ignore the youth get left behind.

If you are the leader of a conscious business,
please reach out to Renee Beth for a conversation to discuss the possibilities.