The Change-Makers

The Founder

Renee Beth Poindexter is the founder of Living The Potential Network, a community that works together to create a better future by connecting individuals of all ages and backgrounds with the mentors, collaborators, resources, training, and opportunities they need to unfold their unique potential, so they can be and create the change they want to see in the world. An accomplished trainer, facilitator, success coach, and organizational consultant, Renee Beth discovered the significance of learning in the world of business over twenty-five years—across many sectors, including technology, healthcare, financial services, construction, advertising and public relations, executive search, coaching, and consulting.

A former high school English teacher, Renee Beth has worked with non-profit organizations, schools, and businesses to facilitate the positive changes needed to fulfill their organizational vision.  Her background in continuous improvement has assisted her in designing programs that inspire people to lead with their heads and hearts connected and create better results. Renee Beth’s current work through Living The Potential Network includes coaching, consulting, mentoring, and networking individuals who are courageously choosing to own their purpose and design their legacy with one common goal: Leave the world better than they found it.

Her book, Living The Potential: Engaging the Wisdom of Our Youth to Save the World, invites people who are vested in a positive future to open new pathways for collaboration—where everyone can bring more of who we are to what we do and how we do it, and engage the wisdom of our youth as active participants in co-creating a happier, healthier future for all.

She is on the Advisory Council for the Transformative Learning Foundation in the United States and the board for Village Home Education Resource Center. A global traveler, Renee Beth makes her home in Portland, Oregon, with her partner, Mark Roth. She loves people, nature, and adventure, and is a master networker.

The Team

Aaron Johnson

Project and Administrative Manager

Aaron Johnson is LTPN’s technology manager and executive assistant. When you have questions about agreements, invoices, events, or our online platform, he is the one who will be helping you. As a writer and emerging entrepreneur, Aaron is passionate about helping people see the infinite potential of the world and the importance of building communities and relationships that facilitate life-long learning. He’s currently working on a few creative writing projects, doing part-time admin work for Living The Potential Network, growing his new enterprise Caterbuilder, and serving on our Youth Advisory Council.

Amanda Johnson

Content Curator and Consultant

Amanda Johnson brings her message strategy, facilitation strategies, and years of growing business to LTPN’s own growth strategies, events, and content. Through her own business, True To Intention, ​​Amanda Johnson helps other aspiring and seasoned change agents like Renee Beth write truer individual and collective stories. She partners with divinely-inspired souls to craft messages for maximum impact on their audience, brand, and bottom line AND heal their st*ries, so they can change the world without compromising their health, sanity, or soul.

Onyx Reyes

Cultural integrater and Executive Advisor

Onyx helped create the foundation of the LTPN cultural unity and acts as an advisor and consultant. He uses his depth of experience in corporate communication and his design expertise to help integrate and facilitate cross-generational communication. His breadth of skills, ranging from technology integration, graphic and user experience design, multi-media production, quality assurance, life coaching and many other disciplines, helps him find creative solutions to overcome challenges. Other fun titles of the past include Master of Locks [2004], Generational Liaison [1995], Breaker of Norms [1998], Keeper of Promises [2009], The Friend [2018], Quantum Enigma [2010], and Energy Guru [2000].

Alyssa Noelle Coelho

Website & Graphic Designer

Alyssa Noelle Coelho is responsible for the beautiful website and other graphic design elements you experience at LTPN. This young woman is also a #1 bestselling author, internationally published model, latin dancer, business owner, and philanthropist who works all over the globe. She creates, coaches, and writes to inspire and mobilize individuals and communities to take action toward becoming the answers our world, our planet, and our species need to create a future where every individual ­is able to experience a vibrant and authentic life. We are grateful for the time she devoted as a founding member of the Youth Advisory Council.

The Facilitators

The Youth Advisory Council

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The Advocates

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