The Facilitator Program

You want to BE the Change in the world right now, but maybe:

You are not sure exactly what you have to contribute, or what your contribution might be.

You don’t know where to go to clarify your plan and gain the skills you need to make it happen.

You wonder how to get the vetted expertise, experience, and feedback of others to eliminate blind spots.

You struggle to stay consistent and take care of yourself while you work to make a difference.

You worry about using technology ethically, but know you need it to do what you’re here to do.

Welcome to the

Living The Potential Network FACILITATOR Program

In this 18-month program, you will work with an intimate “pod” of other change-makers committed to bringing all of who they are to everything they do and getting paid to do it.

You will: 

“After going through the Trusting the Seeds Course, I was able to shift a belief that had kept me from accomplishing my true potential. Feeling the benefit of this work, I continued with the other four courses available and learned new concepts and ideas that allowed me to expand even more. Becoming a facilitator will allow me to blend what I’ve learned here with my expertise to help others grow and improve their mental health wellness. As an artist, I truly enjoy this creative community of change-makers. We share our life experiences with others and incredible creative collaborations and improvement for all happen. I truly enjoy being a member of this wonderful, vibrant community of facilitators who make a difference.”  

~ Tracey Curran

As a Living The Potential Network Facilitator, you will enjoy the opportunity to:

Facilitate courses, workshops, and masterminds within our network with our back-office support

Create residual income through our affiliate program (40% – 65% of participants’ investment)

Promote your courses within our social media and network

“I wanted to be part of a dynamic group of change-makers, and I’m excited about what I have learned about my core values and strengths and how to interact with others based on theirs. Being in this community has given me the opportunity to foster intergenerational relationships and expand my understanding of people and the world. I look forward to using everything that I am learning as I cogenerate a community of innovators around my vision of good, clean, local food, cooked and shared around the table for greater understanding and peace.”  

~ Julie Diaz
Founder of A Cooking Revolution and Cook for Peace

What’s Included:

1 year of membership, which includes discounts on programs NOT included in this one

5 courses through which you experience the power of the organic life learning model

8-month practicum experience in which you will share your contribution and hone your facilitator skills

“As I was taking ‘Trusting the Seeds of Change,’ the first course offered through the Living The Potential Network, I realized that I had found what I had been searching for—a way to learn about issues that mattered to me in community with others who cared about making a difference. After a thirty-three year career as an educator, I wanted an opportunity to continue growing and learning, as well as to find meaningful ways to contribute to the greater good. Through the coursework and the Facilitator’s Practicum, I have had the opportunity to gain new insights into my true essence, including how to utilize my strengths and let go of beliefs that no longer serve me.  I’m looking forward to the continual growth that being part of this network provides, and I’m eager to share what emerges with others who want to join the journey!”  

~ Lynn Bensing

Hear From Our Facilitators

If you are ready to BECOME the change, join us!

The next “pod” launches January 18th, 2024!

3 Losses that Lead to
More Powerful Facilitation

The idea of losing one thing to gain something else is an ancient concept known as sacrifice. We let go of something valuable in the moment (a resource like time, money, or energy) to gain something in the future (more of those resources, opportunities, and experiences).

When we are facilitating, there are three sacrifices or losses that lead to much more powerful experiences for both the participants and the facilitator. Are you ready?

Download 3 Losses PDF for FREE

Download 3 Losses PDF