What truth are we learning in the Classroom of Life?

There are A LOT of myths around learning and education.

In fact, much of the American population naturally associates “learning” with “school.”

Well, that’s an obvious connection—so what’s the problem, you ask?

The problem is that it’s a LIMITED association.

How many of you have actually learned WAY more since you exited school than you did while you were in school? 

And how many of those lessons have been more meaningful and practically helpful than the “learning” you experienced in school?

If you’re like me, most of our learning takes place in the Classroom of Life. 

And if we’re honest, most of what we “learned” in school didn’t help us one bit—                                                                   like, for instance, when I was trying to figure out how to manage conflict, understand options related to health and well-being, how to manage money, and then of course, how to best choose a life mate.

How would your life—and your children’s lives—change if you/we started looking at LIFE AS YOUR/OUR CLASSROOM?

I think we have an incredible opportunity in this moment right now because Life as we know it is forcing us to “stay home,” and be part of a massive solution that WE all need to take part in.

We are in real-life school right now, faced with a rather serious crisis of fear and uncertainty, and we can choose to learn from it individually and collectively.

Quite remarkable, is it  not?

The global scene is screaming for universal change with a sense of urgency to bring forward the necessary shift. We each need to take responsibility, and then the ME (each one of us) will become the WE (all of us). 

Circumstances and Life itself are forcing us to go within and
stop the default thinking that no longer serves.  

It’s up to each of us to STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN. 

This element of  personal discovery is an essential component of our learning journey through life. It is the hidden curriculum that emerges when we are called to bring forth what lies within us. And the sooner, the better, for this evolves a pattern that connects—which may or may not have anything to do with what was spoon-fed to us before we were hungry. If we have no understanding of  “why,” then the “what” we are doing cannot connect. There is no velcro point—nothing to stick to what is our very own curious nature.

With this “why” absent, the “how” we are unfolding our transformation is not presenced—to ourselves or to our parents, teachers, mentors, or partners. As a result, when we regurgitate on cue to prove the extrinsic knowledge that is not related to nourishing/evolving ourselves, we build in delays and prolong the emergence of the truth of who we really are. And we actually get rewarded for becoming what others want us to be—and not really owning our own authenticity. This stunts our emotional growth and slows down our development in becoming mature adults, and perhaps evolving as a species.

And we can see this all around us—people in positions of power and authority who are disconnected to their own true essence and who are therefore unavailable to connect to another human—taking this out further to groups of humans organized into schools, businesses, systems or governments.

 Our greatest pain, whether we are conscious or not, is that we feel disconnected—a deep wound of separation is what hurts the most.

How can we, as a society, get to the root cause of this suffering? 

My answer is a question: 

What if we unleashed the potential that has been pent-up for centuries? 

We have a new story that is emerging for our species. It is already happening. We are in it now.  But not everyone is awake to it yet—that is until we put the big puzzle, all of the pieces that integrate to make us whole, together before it is too late.  Tick Tock… 

What if our children are the leaders we have been waiting for?

What quality of learning is needed to fine-tune their strengths, deepen their innate core values, strengthen their core skills needed for this 21st Century? 

 If we trust that given the right environment, our youth will unfold their intelligence, that is a core principle for positive change. For this to occur, we must align our efforts towards a shared positive future—one that is not mandated by the government, or religious organization, but by real people being called to action. 

It’s not up to schools to design this intergenerational paradigm shift. It is up to each of us, as parents, grandparents, coaches, teachers, entrepreneurs, and/or mentors, along with our YOUTH to usher in a new way of being—one where each one of us aligns mind, body, heart, and spirit to be of service for this. 

What say you?

Who would WE need to BE to create what WE need to DO
to KNOW what WE want to HAVE?

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