Tune Into your Inner GPS wih Zen Cryar Debrüke

If a belief is just a thought you keep thinking, how do we change that programming?

Many of us rely on our car’s or phone’s GPS but ignore the life-directional system we were each born with.  We have an innate compass that wants us to be happy, successful, and stress-free.  Zen Cryar-DeBrücke  is a master intuitive coach and stress expert, who teaches about the physical sensations in your body that are called anxiety, worry and fear. She uncovered their relationship to ones thoughts and how to manage them for optimal health and happiness.

She shares with me how she learned to use this inner guidance system in her own body and uses it to clear out old patterns and thoughts that no longer serve us. She’s used it to build a multi million dollar business, find her husband to even for taking a nap.

Listen to our interview here.

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