The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Your Life

What if each of us knew that we have the answers to our lives within us?

Adam Markel is CEO  and lead trainer for Peak Potentials. He is a Master Trainer in the areas of personal and business development, a key-note speaker, author and entrepreneur who lives by and teaches people, to find strength in living authentically and passionately.

In this interview we  unpack the secrets to designing a life you love with Adam Markel, author of Pivot: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Your Life!

More and more people are sharing that they’re in a state of flux, change or major shift in their lives. The uncertainty that comes with change can be very unsettling.  Markel refers to it as the Pivot. In this interview we discuss the need  to make sense of the change and find our way requires we first FEEL our feelings. The body reveals signs to get our attention and the mind then begins to wake up and confirms something is changing. This is the point where we can take ownership of that change rather than being subject to the effects of what is happening. This is also the time where we can make new choices that serve our transformation. Making informed decisions using guiding inquiries and new rituals, then become habits that move us forward in our lives.

Listen to our conversation here

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