Organic Approach to Learning for Life – Introduction

Did you know that our children will not be inheriting a society and lifestyle that you and I have become accustomed to? In fact, they’ll live in worse conditions. Unlike the generations that have come before—each one becoming more comfortable and moving up and ahead—this one will face tougher political, economic, and social challenges. And that’s just at the collective level. If we look at the statistics around the current mental and emotional health of the individuals in this generation, the future looks very, very bleak.

That is, unless we begin to re-vision the roles we play and bring about the change we want to see for our children and grandchildren.

To upgrade our mechanical, industrial models of education, business, and other domains, it will take a new kind of partnership—one that reflects the organic process of nature.

Think about it, nature knows how to grow and evolve. All a seed needs is a fertile environment, some nourishing water, and a little bit of help from some insects to create a plant or tree, which then has the inner technology to continually regenerate and sustain not only itself—but us, too.

In my book Living the Potential, Engaging the Wisdom of Our Youth, I share an integrative, organic approach to changing this current story; and as you’ll see in the subtitle and first chapter of the book, I believe the children are the key to creating a better future and ultimately saving the world.

Recently, my LTP team and I facilitated a workshop called The Garden Experimenta full day of engaging with the YOUTH in a way in which the adults could hear firsthand the issues that most concern them and their classmates about their future and what they have been learning. The adults in the room were “blown away” by the wisdom of the youth, and they became really inspired to engage with them in an inter-generational way related to their two biggest  concernsthe issues of how humans interact with each other and with Mother Nature herself.

We at LTPN  are co-generating a way to work together to solve real-world problems that expands to include a variety of domains and voices. The first step in the process is to trust the seeds of change that our youth bring. Trust is the operative word, for without it, we let fear control us. If this fear of change runs us, then we will keep doing what we have always done and continue getting the same diminished results. We need to ask the questions that continue to open our peripheral vision, so we have the 360-degree view: Who are we? Where are we going and why? How are we preparing ourselves for this fast-approaching future, and how do we shift the narrative about education, business, and every other domain that is affected by them?

Join us in learning how we can be part of the solution. We would love to see you at our next  PODLUCKa time to gather and discuss the new way forward. We truly are all in this POD together and we are all part of a living system, and when we explore the questions together, the answers emerge much more quickly, especially when we include our young people. Their wisdom needs to be heard sooner rather than later.

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  1. Excellent “article,” Renee Beth. Good writing!

    The only thing I’d like to see is your name and a chosen title at the end, in case people want to see whose writing before they read the whole thing. but it is very compelling, and I for one was not stopped by its length!

    By the way, I am having big breakthroughs, thanks to my growth mindset and all the clarity inside my learning at Living the Potential!