If Art Leads Science…

When researching how our collective human intelligence comes together to create a sustainable world, I ran across this quote from the Schumacher Briefings: “Art leads science by 10 years, Science leads business by 10 years, and Business leads education by 10 years.” This statement grabbed my attention and then these questions loomed front and center:

  • If Art leads Education by 30 years, why is it positioned as extra-curricular in many schools?

  • What could the relationship between these domains be like if they were invited to collaborate with each other?

  • What is the creative process that Artists practice in the design of their work?

  • Is it possible that by learning and understanding the artist’s way, we could better design new pathways for living in harmony on this earth?

  • How can I best learn how to make my own life a work of art?

Well, you can see I know how to generate questions; and as I let my curiosity guide me, there are emerging possibilities.

As I wondered where to look for answers, I decided to seek out the artists I know and invite them to share HOW they CREATE some-thing from no-thing and what it is that they do that relates to SCIENCE. Lo and behold, I am discovering some of the answers!

The great meeting place for these domains is the natural world, for it is there that seeds sprout when planted in fertile soil and where diversity thrives. If we begin to connect with an organic way of knowing, we can bring from within each of us our own unique contribution, and we can do it without needing to know what the outcome needs to look like before we begin.

Some scientists may be looking for the proof of how ART opens up intuition. And, sure enough there is the latest research on how our neurological system and the brain impacts more than we realize, and that the gut is the second brain. I wonder if Leonardo da Vinci had this awareness as he was both artist and scientist, with the eye for the extraordinary, and captured full realities in paintings like The Last Supper and The Mona Lisa in the 14th Century. It appears there are several artists spotlighted at the Door of Perception (www.doorofperception.com) that have been demonstrating how spirituality meets science in ways that words can not convey. Maybe the best way to learn for this new world that is emerging here and now, is to enter the quantum field to connect these dots and to emulate the artist’s way.

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