Hope for the Human Condition

Have you ever been part of something bigger than anything you could accomplish by yourself?

I think of the Olympic torch that is passed from runner to runner, from one state to the next, where each runner represents every man, woman, and child connected and unified as one in solidarity. With each step the participants align in one effort that demonstrates focus, purpose, and strategic alignment all towards a common goal.

This example of synergy gives me hope for the human condition. There is a deepening of trust in my core being that sends a reminder signal for me to fulfill my role as a part of a collective endeavour. My participation is vital in order for me to receive something that never could have been done without me showing up. My contribution is connected to a larger vision and it is related to my life’s purpose. I must run, give it my all, and as a result, the next person in line can carry the light. The chain of connections is relative to a magical tapestry that sometimes is not even acknowledged.

This idea of passing the baton can be seen in many circumstances. And it is more than what it appears to be. It can be seen in a family’s genealogy, the line of presidents, from one leader to another or a group working toward a common goal. In an examination of your own life, you can ask these questions of yourself:

  1. Who has passed the baton to me?
  2. How does this create the difference I most desire in my life? And how about in the world?
  3. How am I paying it forward?

These questions are a starting point from which a whole new journey can begin; a journey that can change your life, and other’s as well. Get quiet, allow the stillness of your mind go beyond thought, to a deeper place and allow the inquiries to unfold naturally. The answers are inside. Go Deep!

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