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Sep 23

Learning with Minecraft

September 23, 2023 @ 12:18 am PDT

Gaming and Minecraft

  • Limited to the first 8 who register to enable interaction with James and Toby while playing Minecraft.
  • Youth with a parent are welcome and encouraged.
  • Six interactive sessions, 90 minutes, no cost.
  • Begins Friday, September 22, 5pm PT, 8pm ET, ends Friday, Oct. 27 (Six consecutive Fridays)
  • Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2866768699?pwd=WFI2T09XV0kyM0VWSDVHcXd4YjJ1QT09
  • Our Zoom connection will enable audio and visuals to help navigate Minecraft.
  • Minecraft must be loaded on the computer you will use $30.
  • Questions? e-mail Don White donpwhite5@gmail.com, or text/call 703.626.8166


Why Gaming?   Why Minecraft? 

Please join James Schmidt, Toby Walsh, Onyx Reyes, and Don White as we walk participants through why gaming and why Minecraft matter in today’s technology-centric world.

Hints: Gaming enables creativity, teamwork, and collaboration. Gaming may lead to job opportunities.

Our team will walk you through the pros and cons of gaming with a primary focus on the pros. This interactive series has sessions that teach players how to play Minecraft. Ideally, youth with a parent will register. Intergenerational learning with youth leading the way will be demonstrated in this prototype program.

Did you know that Minecraft has education courses? https://education.minecraft.net/en-us/resources/explore-lessons

Living the Potential Youth Advisory Council member James Schmidt suggested this series be developed to enable people to understand how gaming and Minecraft have helped him and other youth accelerate learning. Don’s son Skyler was a big gamer which helped him navigate to his successful career in Cyber Security. We will share perspectives and relevant aspects of gaming and our technology-centric lives during each session.

You will have access to Session outlines in the Course section of our website.  Chat amongst all in the course will be encouraged in the Forum section of the Course. Additional technology content relevant to what we cover in each session will be shared.

Please watch this TED Talk that explains how our youth quickly, and easily absorb computer-based learning. Cloud-based education and learning is the future of education: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3jYVe1RGaU

Minecraft Registration Form


September 23, 2023
12:18 am PDT




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