Create an alignment of your soul

Every day we have an opportunity to chose love or fear, judgement or acceptance.

Dr. Lin Morel is the author of Soul Lifts: From Bumps to Brilliance. She’s a multi-dimensional and deep, caring and charismatic, best selling author and masterful presenter. She’s also a spiritual director, minister, mother, entrepreneur, and holistic health-care practitioner. For decades she’s learned that each of us has a connection to core power and strength that exists within. Dr. Lin has discovered a multi-dimensional process that supports her clients as they awaken to and deepen their relationship with their own spiritual connection and inner wisdom. She has appeared on PBS, NBC, the Discovery Channel and in The New York Times.

We discus the concept of soul and her personal interpretation as connected to our life force. Her experience of the soul is emanated through the body and responsible for the resiliency within us. A personal life fraught with stress and trauma as a young person began to show up as injuries in pursuit as a dedicated student to martial arts- with a 5th degree black belt. Once she began to speak to her body and injuries and call forth her deep self, her healing journey really began and she began to help others.

Listen to our conversation here.

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