Learning the Hard Way: The Path of Addiction to Consciousness

kevin hartKevin Hart was an addict who eventually came to a place of surrender and began to trust his intuition. His book A Thousand Screaming Monkeys: One Man’s Journey to Peace Through Addiction, Alcoholism and Recovery reveals his strange journey through realms of human interaction on the physical plane and realms that exist beyond. This exploration of consciousness opened the possibility of two vastly different lives in one body.

Focusing on human thinking, patterns, perceptions, and subsequent actions he witnessed the creative power of human consciousness and our inherent ability to change and ultimately design a radically different life. Vulnerability reveals our inner light, and as you get to know Kevin through our interview- you may be inspired to address your own opportunities to increase your awareness.

Kevin is  also, a talented musician and business owner  spending 8 years practicing the science, art and teaching of Yoga and studying various spiritual traditions. He’s worked with addicts and alcoholics through various volunteer positions, researching the ongoing study and inquiry into human and spiritual transformation. His book is dedicated to all who love the great mystery of human existence. Listen to our fascinating conversation.

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