2020 – The Year for Our Collective Wisdom to Emerge

One of the strongest intentions driving Living The Potential is bringing intergenerational learning to the agenda for life-long learning.  

Tom Atlee, founder of the Co-Intelligrence Institute, has been creating processes for most of his life that help people have meaningful dialogues.  

His newest release of the 3D Democracy Card deck is a catalyst for deep connection, participation, empowerment, and wisdom. 

I invite you to…

  1. Listen to this interview (25 minutes) 
  2. Order a deck for yourself and share it with others 
  3. Experiment with the cards with your family, students, or co-workers to discover how easy it is to learn something amazing. You might recognize how wisdom knows no age, which ought to inspire each of us to take back personal power and learn how to celebrate diversity within community… through meaningful conversations. 
  4. Let me know what you think!

    I look forward to finding others who find this interesting! 
    Any Change-makers out there?

    Wise Democracy Pattern Language Project http://wd-pl.com
    Buy a Wise Democracy Pattern Card Deck 
    Main site: 
    Main blog: 



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