Your Healing Journey

An 8-week course that will change your life!

Are you ready to reclaim your health and vitality?

Are you willing to do the work required to transform your body and mind? 

We are talking about long-lasting weight loss, the reversal of chronic conditions,
pain management, and a HAPPIER YOU!

In this program, you will discover and apply the science of happiness and optimized health.

A few small shifts in thinking combined with the application of simple daily practices
will change your behavior and your results from the inside-out!

Over the course of 8 weeks, you will:

  • receive a weekly lesson plan, which includes small and simple healing tasks to be completed for that week

  • connect and share in weekly 60-minute group coaching sessions to deepen learning and address challenges

  • enjoy inspirational messages every day to stay motivated on the journey

Acquire and apply the strategies that will increase your capacity to: 

  • think and focus clearly

  • make sound decisions

  • sleep through the night

  • reduce stress levels, depression, and possibility of burnout

  • lower heart rate and blood pressure

  • respond to situations instead of reacting

  • navigate conflict and improve relationships

  • provide the body with nutritionally dense meals

  • lose weight, reverse chronic conditions, and manage pain

Come join us and reclaim a Happier YOU!

The program starts May 6, 2022.
Regular Investment: $825
LTPN Members’ Investment: $625

Results from Former Participants

“When I started the program, I worked from home at a desk all day, not getting much exercise. I was stress-eating quite a bit and would go to bed after midnight and wake up in the morning feeling depleted. The course, particularly the 30-minute morning routine, was a game-changer! The weekly tasks kept me focused on taking action and doing the work. I felt tremendous support and accountability from the weekly coaching calls. These sessions helped me set and achieve weekly goals. The learning modules provided education on mindset, taking responsibility for your health and life, forgiveness, sleep, plant-based nutrition plus recipes, and the mind-body connection.

Rajitha’s kindness, caring, patience, dedication, expertise, and knowledge of health and wellness were obvious throughout this course. She was responsive and available to answer any questions. The time and research on each health topic was apparent in the modules. I feel like a different person; I am energetic, nourished, hydrated, and calmer than I have been in several years. I highly recommend this program if you are ready and willing to commit to your self-care.” 

~ Kimberly M

I was introduced to the Healing Journey program by my friend who was in the program and experienced great results. I had gestational diabetes with both my pregnancies; after a few years, I  was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I have seen endocrinologists and been on various medications, but my blood sugars have been elevated. My doctor put me on medication, and my co-pay was $400. That is when I decided I needed to make a lifestyle change. Rajitha is very personal and caring. 

Between this program and a few one-on-one sessions with her, I changed my eating habits (and also made a positive impact on my family too) and developed a morning routine that helps me start my workday full of energy. My blood sugars started to decline, and I started to believe that I have the power to make a lifestyle change. 

Rajitha meets each individual where they are. This is not like any other coaching program; it addresses the feelings and beliefs we all hold onto. Rajitha will never thrust you into a one-size-fits all plan; and she has the heart, soul, and professionalism you can trust. If you are ready to make a change, then this program is for YOU!” 

~ Aparna P