Course 1: Trusting the Seeds of Change and Adult Membership

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When we look out at the world and all of its challenges, there is one thing at the core of every problem: In our culture, and especially in our current industrial-model education system, we are raised to look outside of ourselves for answers, affirmations, and action steps. Consequently, we have lost our trust in ourselves and the potential with which we were born.

Deepen your trust in yourself and learn how to unearth and nurture potential in others.

  • Discover your innate blueprint (your seeds of change) for your personality and contribution to the world.
  • Clarify your unique contribution and how to integrate it with what you do.
  • Identify conditioned defaults and assumptions that could sabotage your efforts.
  • Leverage and maximize your strengths to accelerate growth and increase impact.
  • Learn how to nurture seeds of potential in those with whom you live and collaborate.

For 8 weeks, you will:

  • meet with your cohort to engage new concepts
  • reflect and journal, and sometimes read or watch additional content
  • connect with a small group to discuss and deepen understanding of core concepts and their application to your own life and mission