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Journeys offers a pathway to:

  • Explore your interests
  • Discover your strengths
  • Uncover connections for meaningful work

Within our intergenerational learning community we have heard lots of people who are searching for “What’s next.  Needing to pivot due to their company’s downsizing, or due to a stronger desire to create more meaningful employment.  And of course, high school students who are struggling with the choices of what to do:  gap year, college, or certificate programs, apprenticeships? Having a tool like Journeys offers a strategic exploration that can answer many “up in the air” questions.     

The vision is to provide every individual with access to Journeys, empowering users to pursue the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in life. Journeys Director Scott Sibley said, “We hope in 5 to 10 years Journeys and our learning map will be as commonplace as Google Maps is today.”

Journeys Map, launched in 2017, is an interactive learning map designed to engage users in exploring life’s possibilities and providing personalized directions while navigating life’s major educational and professional transitions.

A finalist in former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher Career App Challenge in 2016, Journeys was named in the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations report as an example of how to better prepare young Americans to succeed in the workforce and praised on CNBC by former Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker.

Users can find routes to careers, colleges, certifications and even pathways to class subjects by entering occupations they are interested in, with as many stops along the way as appropriate for the user’s personal journey and built-in resources and personalized assistance provided along the way. The resulting map locations that pop up offer new occupation possibilities that they may not have thought of.

Users can zoom in or out—just as one could with other mapping software—to see adjacent occupations and pathways.

Journeys is also meant to act as an aggregator for data and third party platforms, currently pulling from O*NET OnLine, College Scorecard and Indeed to offer a large database of search results. Users can explore more than 1,800 career opportunities and 9,500+ colleges and institutions as well as find information about degrees and certifications, tuition rates, test scores, financial aid, and expected earnings.

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