Get Inspired With Us

Virtual Podlucks and Fun Community Events

Collaboration and play are at the heart of this community
and all of the change we create in the world together.

Find Your Allies and Collaborators

Join us for a Podluck if you want to connect with like-minded parents, entrepreneurs, educators, and other change-makers who are committed to collaborating for change.

Change-making is serious business, but we make it fun!

Join us for a Fun Community Event if you need to add a little levity and laughter to your change-making journey.

Trusting your Inner Essence

You have something special to contribute to the world and a particular way in which you are wired to do it. It’s time to uncover and unleash it. We can help.

Unleashing and Facilitating your Superpowers

In our current climate of increasing chaos, the change-makers who are going to be effective are the ones who have the skills to cut through the noise, engage the whole person(s) in front of them, think outside-of-the-box for simpler solutions, and take care of their own well-being as they bring all of who they are to everything they do to change the world and get paid for it.