Get Inspired On Your Own

Our world is in trouble.

Children are frustrated with a machine-like educational system that values test scores over learning. Parents feel powerless, watching their children’s curiosity being crushed. Teachers are exhausted and heartbroken they cannot facilitate the outcomes that inspired their career. Businesses are baffled by the lack of skill the next generation is exhibiting in the workplace. Technology is on the verge of being labeled the next addiction of the masses, rather than one of the most phenomenal tools we have to advance our society and our species. The political, social, and economic landscapes are turbulent to say the least.

It’s time for a paradigm change:

What if our youth have the answers?

The Podcast

What happens when you bridge the experience, education, and expertise of elders with the curiosity, energy, and innate wisdom of the youth? It’s simple. Everyone grows and the world changes for the better — one conversation, one connection, one collaboration at a time.

Convos with Youth

Our youth are leading the way by sharing stories and strategies associated with some of the topics that trouble them in the world.