Extinguish the Burning Flames of Stress

Are you feeling unusually stressed or anxious?

Is your body feeling inflamed or completely exhausted?

Are you struggling to focus, be productive, and connect with other people?


The pandemic, online learning and working, and other distressing world events have many people feeling stuck in overwhelm and wondering how to survive these crazy times.

If you are one of them, join us for a highly-interactive workshop that will give you simple and effective strategies to manage your stress in healthy ways and:

  • Reduce inflammation and heal your body
  • Increase vital energy and peace of mind
  • Reclaim your focus and productivity 
  • Connect with others to give and receive support
  • Develop resilience that will sustain you with every future challenge


Don’t settle and just barely survive.

Come join us and take home some tools that will help you THRIVE.

“I feel very calm and relaxed. I need this every day to stay focused.” 
~ Anne L.

“This is very interactive and has captured my attention.
I learned new tools that I am going to use.”
~ Gary M.

With over 30 years of experience as a nurse, Rajitha Bommakanti spends her time helping busy adults and students take charge of their health and live a healthy and a happy life, by gaining proper balance in life.

Next Date: TBA

Burning Flames of Stress Registration