Boost Your Brain Power

Are you struggling to remember tasks and details?

How often have you forgotten a name or misplaced your keys or phone,
and thought, “Is this a sign that my memory is slipping?”

You might feel a moment of concern, and then go back to living your life
— until it happens again.

The truth is, everyone forgets names and dates sometimes,
but when should we be concerned about it?

It’s never too early to learn about brain health and begin taking care of the brain.

Forgetting a name indicates cognitive impairment. 

The sooner you take steps to protect your brain and give it the nutrients and support it needs, 

the better your chances of enjoying a clear and sharp mind throughout your life.

We ALL can benefit from more brain power and productivity
and fewer mental health challenges like anxiety and depression.

Boost Your Brain Power with Us
May 23rd at 4pm - 5:15pm PST

You'll learn evidence-based insights on how to:

  • eat the best foods that give you mental energy and increase productivity
  • enjoy fun activities that stimulate new brain cell growth
  • stop brain fog from making your days feel long and exhausting
  • get the right type of exercise to slash dementia risk
  • ensure your diet doesn’t set you up for Alzheimer’s
  • reverse early warning signs of cognitive decline
  • and more

Get the information and practices you need

You might wonder, “Should I care about brain health… at this age?”

Statistics show that nearly half of all Americans over the age of 85 will die with Alzheimer’s. And the truth is, the pathways of Alzheimer’s often start 30 years before the onset of symptoms.

So, the answer is a resounding YES!

What you do NOW can stop dementia from robbing you of your mind
and protect your family from the huge emotional and financial impact of dementia.

There are very simple, natural and free things you can do to boost your brainpower today
and prevent the heartbreak of diminished brain function and dementia in your future.

You deserve the truth. 

You can feel confident that you’re doing the right thing,
and enjoy mental clarity and a long, healthy life.

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Your future self and your loved ones will be so glad you did.

With over 30 years of experience as a nurse, Rajitha Bommakanti spends her time helping busy adults and students take charge of their health and live a healthy and a happy life, by gaining proper balance in life.