Trusting the Seeds of Change

Discovering Your Unique Blueprint of Potential

When we look out at the world and all of its challenges...

...there is one thing at the core of every problem: In our culture, and especially in our current industrial-model education system, we are raised to look outside of ourselves for answers, affirmations, and action steps. Consequently, we have lost our trust in ourselves and the potential with which we were born.

During This Course, You Will:


Discover your innate blueprint for your personality and contribution to the world.


Clarify your unique contribution and how to integrate it with what you do.


Identify conditioned defaults and assumptions that could sabotage your efforts.


Leverage and maximize your strengths.


Learn how to nurture seeds of potential in those you love and with your collaborators.


Meet with your cohort to engage new concepts for 8 weeks.


Reflect and journal, and sometimes read or watch additional content.


Connect with a group to deepen understanding of concepts and their application to your life.


Our Facilitators

Your journey throughout our course will be guided by one of our very own Facilitators.

Network Certified

Every Facilitator has undergone our 13-month Certification Program and are experienced transformational agents.

Flexible Lessons

Our Facilitators know the value of letting the individual learn from the inside-out. Sometimes this means taking a short detour from the course curriculum to explore a powerful breakthrough.

Community Support

You'll make all kinds of new connections with like-minded change-makers in our community. We believe the best learning happens when everyone is seen and heard.

Hear What Our Alumni Have to Say


"I joined this program because of my life experiences with dysfunctional systems that my children grew up with, that I have lived with -- our education system, our dated medical system, our out-of-balance legal system. What I have learned enables me to be a more effective father with my sons. I want to share what I have learned with the LTPN team with others open to consider new approaches. Through this course, I realized how regular ‘connection’ with awake, conscious, loving people is fulfilling, life-changing, and necessary for happiness and joy in life. I’ve also built deeper trust in myself and in my part of the bigger plan that is under way."
don white
Don White
“Because of what I learned in this course, I now know who I am more clearly and I am claiming my intuitive gifts.”
Joy Belonga
“Before I took this course, I felt as if I was searching for meaningful ways to keep learning and growing while contributing to something important and larger than myself after retiring from working in a large school system for 33 years. I joined this program because of the opportunities it presented to learn more about myself and how I might use the strengths and core values that are unique to me to examine my inner self and my interactions with my family and friends. I especially loved our weekly small group meetings, during which I got to know and admire my small group members, as well as our weekly meetings with Renee Beth, who created a safe environment through her deep listening, amazing insights, and endless enthusiasm and acceptance. Because of what I've learned in this course, I now feel less critical of myself and others and more open to new challenges. I feel as if my life is unfolding in just the way it is supposed to be and I'm extremely grateful for that insight.”
Lynn Nice
“I was in an extended period of internal shutdown. While I could never turn off my inspiration, I dismissed my aspirations, choking the life out of the very things I needed to live. Trusting The Seeds of Change resuscitated my passion for connecting with people, raised my awareness about the importance of being a part of something larger than myself, reminded me of my gifts and strengths, and helped me revisit my own destiny.”
rick amitin
Rick Amitin
“This course allowed me to identify and release old patterns that are not serving me. It inspired me to value my gifts and talents and to move forward to design and develop a coaching program for people who have a loved one who is not mentally well. Very grateful.”
rhetah tah kwan
Tah Kwan

Discover Your Seeds of Potential With Us!

Deepen your trust in your own seeds of potential and learn how to unearth and nurture them in others.

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