Reaching Upward with the Soul of Technology

Expanding Relationships and Solutions

With our seeds of change planted, cross-pollinated, and nourished... regenerative systems in fertile environments, we are ready to dive into a conversation about the Soul of Technology. Technology is one of our most powerful tools for building relationships and solving problems, but without awareness and attention, it can become distracting and even destructive to our bigger vision for change.

During This Course, You Will:


Use the soul of technology to solve problems in more intentional and powerful ways.


Discover and elevate your relationship with technology.


Wrestle with the moral implications and edges of technology.


Identify and integrate technology that supports your physical well-being.


Explore and experiment with technology that enhances relationships.


Co-generate systems that attract, inspire, and facilitate the change you want to BE in the world through your contribution.


Our Facilitators

Your journey throughout our course will be guided by one of our very own Facilitators.

Network Certified

Every Facilitator has undergone our 13-month Certification Program and are experienced transformational agents.

Flexible Lessons

Our Facilitators know the value of letting the individual learn from the inside-out. Sometimes this means taking a short detour from the course curriculum to explore a powerful breakthrough.

Community Support

You'll make all kinds of new connections with like-minded change-makers in our community. We believe the best learning happens when everyone is seen and heard.

What People Are Saying

"Because of what I’ve learned in this course, I now look to ways I can use technology as a tool. I am additionally mindful and aware of what I view and respond to, via social media, to minimize the spread of negativity, anger, fear or hate and to use it to spread happiness, compassion, healing and love."
Tracey Curran

Reach Upward With Us!

Use the soul of technology to stay connected and solve problems in more intentional and powerful ways.