Designing Regenerative Systems for Positive Change

Developing Capacity for Growth

Having learned how to trust our own seeds of change...

...cultivate fertile learning environments, and cross-pollinate between domains, the next step is to create regenerative systems that nurture and sustain that environment and everyone in it.

During This Course, You Will:


Develop and implement systems for your personal, family’s, and team’s well-being.


Identify and acquire resources for your change-making contribution (Prototype).


Recognize and address the Inner, Relational, and Organizational systems required to sustain it.


Design systems required for your contribution to launch and/or scale for impact.


Co-lead the growth of your contribution (Prototype) with diverse perspectives and collaboration.


Learn to facilitate communication systems.


Our Facilitators

Your journey throughout our course will be guided by one of our very own Facilitators.

Network Certified

Every Facilitator has undergone our 13-month Certification Program and are experienced transformational agents.

Flexible Lessons

Our Facilitators know the value of letting the individual learn from the inside-out. Sometimes this means taking a short detour from the course curriculum to explore a powerful breakthrough.

Community Support

You'll make all kinds of new connections with like-minded change-makers in our community. We believe the best learning happens when everyone is seen and heard.


“I loved learning about my Enneagram and how knowing myself at this level can empower my intention and even help me map it out. Because of what I've learned in this course, I now see that I am a pioneering, peacemaking leader in community with other dynamic change-making leaders.”
Julie Diaz
"Before I took this course I believed I could engage in multiple arena's in my life and be successful. After looking in the mirror provided by this course I see and feel a better understanding of who I am, what I want, what is happening right now in the world. I now know how to improve myself, work with people, and I am clear a total focus is what I want to support me to achieve my goals."
rhetah tah kwan
Tah Kwan
“All the classes are brilliant and one just folds into the next; and before you know it, you find yourself in class 4!!! I enjoyed revisiting the enneagram work and seeing my growth from the previous times I’ve studied it and deepening my knowing and greater appreciation that our potential continues to unfold....naturally. I definitely experienced more understanding of myself and others. I really love the group experience. One person’s experience or insight shared can impact the entire group and the group’s knowledge, and “the ripple effect” unfolds, as we are truly ONE! Like learning, our potential is truly unlimited! Thanks to LTPN classes, I’ve gained a greater understanding of myself and others. Thank YOU!”
Joy Belonga
“I love the lighthearted facilitation and how that fun and play enables discovery, insights, and aha's. I really appreciated the opportunity to interact with the enneagram and understand the nuances of the type of leader I am. I’m enjoying the deeper self-awareness and the peace of mind, calm, and the knowing that I am on my life destiny path (big). I am even teaching my boys conceptually about Spiral Dynamics to help them understand that people are doing the best they can all the time. I believe that this program, like Hoffman, is a part of enabling global peace.”
don white
Don White

Design Regenerative Systems With Us!

Create regenerative systems that nurture and sustain fertile environments and everyone in them.