Cultivating Fertile Learning Environments

Nurturing Seeds of Change

Now that you have uncovered and begun to trust your unique seeds of change... are probably looking at the people you love and serve in an entirely new light. When we begin to see our own seeds, we naturally begin to wonder about the potential in those around us; and if we are born to be change-makers, we are naturally curious about the best way to cultivate those seeds in them.

During This Course, You Will:


Find and create learning and working environments that nurture potential and spark solutions.


Become aware of the assumptions we have about learning.


Discover the 9 Learning Pathways to expand your approach to lifelong learning.


Learn how to follow and cultivate curiosity to the next extraordinary revelation.


Unlock potential through powerful questions at home and work/school.


Access design tools to refine and enhance your contribution.


Our Facilitators

Your journey throughout our course will be guided by one of our very own Facilitators.

Network Certified

Every Facilitator has undergone our 13-month Certification Program and are experienced transformational agents.

Flexible Lessons

Our Facilitators know the value of letting the individual learn from the inside-out. Sometimes this means taking a short detour from the course curriculum to explore a powerful breakthrough.

Community Support

You'll make all kinds of new connections with like-minded change-makers in our community. We believe the best learning happens when everyone is seen and heard.


"Before I took this course, I thought that being an artist, myself, was not enough because of the way our society thinks and because of the current fixed-mindset way of teaching and learning in our current educational systems. I especially loved the community I felt and found during the course...I now have an understanding that I am enough - as I am. We all are enough - as we are."
Tracey Curran
"My worldview expanded to show me how mental health starts in the womb and, throughout a life, is nurtured or hindered by every interaction. I see the cycle of where it begins and, at each step, how it unfolds later in life to manifest wellness or not. I also see it is generational and the seeds of health are planted and propagated from one generation to another...Very grateful."
rhetah tah kwan
Tah Kwan
“Taking the Trusting the Seeds of Change course was eye-opening for me on so many levels -- spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally. I had to take the Cultivating Fertile Learning Environments course because I couldn't miss the opportunity to continue learning and growing with the amazing group of people that I met during the first course. I learned so much from everyone sharing their open minds, hearts, and wills during the mastermind and triad sessions, opening up a world of possibilities for me by doing so. Renee Beth has an amazing ability to acknowledge the gifts and bring out the best in everyone in the group. Through this course, I've gained insight into letting go of my inner voices of judgment, cynicism, and fear, and instead of supporting myself and others through loving, listening, and trusting.”
Lynn Nice
“Before I took Cultivating Fertile Learning Environments, I ‘knew’ that my work as an artist was important and impactful; yet I was unable to give myself permission to embrace it and the power of its contribution 100%. Through this brilliant framework Renee Beth has created -- and her loving space-holding (she is a genius at seeing people's gifts and holding space until they see it for themselves) -- I have a new, powerful eco- conscious awareness that includes myself and my contribution. I understand the process I go through as an artist (to source and create) and as a result, I am listening deeply, connecting even more powerfully, and embracing my role as an artist. I feel 100% embodied and empowered to bring THIS gift forward in the world as my joyful and loving contribution that makes a difference for me and the planet. I am FREE to BE ME.”
Linda Rasch

Nurture Your Seeds of Potential With Us!

Find and/or create learning and working environments for people of all ages that nurture potential and spark solutions.