Cross-Pollinating Domains

Connect and Collaborate Across Domains and Generations

Once we learn how to cultivate fertile environments...

...where everyone’s seeds of change can grow and thrive, the next natural step is to look for ways to nurture that environment with multiple resources.

During This Course, You Will:


Work with Planetary Consciousness and Global Ecology


Learn New Tools: Spiral Dynamics and More


Understand Core Team Development and Maximize Diversity


Harness Resources and Facilitate Processes


Practice Co-Leadership with Intergenerational Participation


Realize the Emerging Future and Fail Forward


Manifest Your Intention into a Prototype


Attract Stakeholders from Multiple Domains


Our Facilitators

Your journey throughout our course will be guided by one of our very own Facilitators.

Network Certified

Every Facilitator has undergone our 13-month Certification Program and are experienced transformational agents.

Flexible Lessons

Our Facilitators know the value of letting the individual learn from the inside-out. Sometimes this means taking a short detour from the course curriculum to explore a powerful breakthrough.

Community Support

You'll make all kinds of new connections with like-minded change-makers in our community. We believe the best learning happens when everyone is seen and heard.


"Through Living The Potential Network’s Cross-Pollinating Domains course, I am now living a life using my guiding values allowing me to be my authentic self. I now add a power of intention to my daily routine and align my vibration with love and compassion."
Tracey Curran
"Because of what I've learned in this course, I now trust and embrace my unique gift and its powerful contribution to the world!"
Linda Rasch
"I especially loved that while my mother passed away during this course, I felt supported even if I wasn't able to attend or be present. I still felt the love & support of this group, GOD & the universe. While it was my responsibility to complete my mother's estate according to her wishes, I learned to collaborate with others when I needed support, to ask for the support of others even just to listen. I am very grateful for this community as it supported me in an incredibly emotional and uncertain time."
Debbie Leightner
"This course came into my life when I truly needed it. Through the course, I've had the opportunity to identify and appreciate my unique talents and have been given the tools and resources to guide me to find my inner purpose."
Lynn Nice
"I now have a better feeling and understanding of myself and my desire to write, and I have a deeper sense of of myself and a clearer focus on where I chose to put my energy"
rhetah tah kwan
Tah Kwan

Nurture Your Seeds of Potential With Us!

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